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y Earrings?

Long, dangling, bangles and suds. Earrings accentuate your neck. They can make your neck sexier by appearing longer. Perfect for weddings, parties or a night on the town.

Studs are great for professional settings or anywhere, anytime.

You can wear earrings that bring attention to your face and or eyes. Contrasting your skin tone or matching the color of your eyes works well to bring attention to your face.

If you have hair that comes down passed your ears you can wear earrings that covers your ears to add a little mystery, indicate shyness, sexiness and provocation.

Having hair passed your shoulders, long earrings give your face, neck and shoulders (accessorized) continuity.

Shorter, dangly earrings that fall to your jawline or just below brings attention to your neck (neck shadow) and eyes.

Eyes are constantly looking for familiarity and contrast. This helps to distinguish shape and scale.

Your face isn't just your chin up to the top of your forehead. Your neck, ears, hair and shoulders all appear in most headshots.

Take time to consider these few fashion accessorynoteswhen wearing earrings; Wear them like no one is going to look passed your shoulders.

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