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Feelings on your sleeve...

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Everything we put on; fashionable apparel, smocks, Jordans, icy watches, Red Bottoms or a Kira Chevron bag. they all tell a story about who we are and how we feel right now.

Fashion emphasizes our mood and emotions without words attached. Unless you literally have text printed on the outside of your clothing for fashion purposes.

Using color, texture, prints, sizes and accessories the world gets a glimpse of what we think and feel about ourselves in how we dress.

What you wear not only speaks to the viewer but, also to the wearer. When we put on clothes there's a message we're giving to ourselves that says, this is where I fit in, in society. These are my standards.

Maybe you're a doctor or teacher. Or you're just too sexy for too many clothes. Possibly you're not overly concerned with appearances because you spend all day in your home office writing or creating. Could be you're underneath a car chassis all day.

Whatever your day consists of. Whatever your mood or feelings about yourself. Remember to express yourself on purpose. Not unwittingly. Because no matter what, the world is watching.

Feel free to express. Feel free to show. Feel free to accessorize

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