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Accessories in Color

What’s your favorite color?

Color shapes the world we live in. No matter where you are. Color shapes our perception and thought through shapes, shading and light.

Do you prefer the spring, winter, summer or fall? Day or night? A cloudy or sunny day?

Everything you wear is an expression of your thoughts. Mostly your own.

Be expressive in your wardrobe. From your purse and earrings, to your pants, shoes and watch. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself, why not?

Show your favorite color in multiple shades. Compliment it with polar opposites. Shake it up with different textures, patterns and shapes. In and out of what’s supposedly fashionable.

In your world, it’s all about you. What you think. How you feel. Color is the real accessory of fashion. Show yourself to the world. Live and in color

By Rich Emanon

Site Mgr./ Photographer

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