The wedding bracelet

blue, red (burgundy) & rose multi-faceted women's bracelet

Bayou beaver fangs women's necklace

tangerine & honey colored beaded women's necklace

Halls of Enota women's necklace

stone & bead, cream, and chocolate & brunette, 3 tier pendant, women's necklace

Music note tri-pendant

multi-colored, tri-pendant bead women's necklace

Women's azure "hope and a dream" bracelet

azure blue "hope and a dream" women's bracelet

Lady Lucrezia women's bracelet

blue, gold and ivory colored, multi-faceted women's bracelet

men's king of clubs braclet

men's black & gray king of clubs bracelet

Stone mountain women's bracelet

green, ivory and rose stone colored bracelet

men's eye of budda bracelet

men's silver and wood eye of budda bracelet

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